A few screen shots of short films I have been fortunate to be a part of!!  It has been a fun time:


There is tension between the married couple Liz and Jack due to a tragic twist of fate. Defined by a moment where everything is lost, this movie highlights their grieving process, and the way in which the two characters struggle and cope through separate pain cycles. One has come to terms, while the other is avoiding the truth. Tested during a time of struggle, facing the pain will provide a palette of different colors in their lives.


Alone in The Woods:


A story of a young woman and her boyfriend lost in the woods, searching for a beautiful flower garden discovered earlier by Emily.  Little did they know, the garden belonged to a giant, who comes after them when he sees his flowers being picked.  And the adventure then begins…


Just One More


A man possessed by his former lover, who manipulates him into keeping her spirit alive by drinking the blood of men who he kills and feeds to her.  Eventually his conscious kicks in, but it is too late to salvage the damage.  She turns on him as the final alternative.  


Sex Lies And Video Tape- scene remake:


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