“I knew the moment we heard Julie’s voice over audition that we had found something special. Julie brought a humor and warmth to the character that elevated it well beyond what was on the page, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with her performance.”

~Michael Stern- Executive Producer, Disney’s Chuggington


“Working with Julie was a rewarding experience. She responded very well to the direction of our Photography Director and her hard work contributed to a successful photo-shoot and stunning pictures. Julie clearly understood how to draw attention to our product and as The Customer, we appreciated that.”

~Dan Brody- COO, Grace Hats


“Julie Wions is a diamond in the rough. Beautiful and young on the outside, but filled with complexities, heart and unpredictability on the inside. She is exciting and alive on the screen. I have seen her reach emotional depths few actresses can. She has a wry sense of humor, is easy to work with and a joy to have in class. Julie Wions is definitely someone to keep an eye on.”

~Jen Krater- Owner, Krater Studios


“Julie Wions has a continually captivating instrument. Her visceral and fearless performances create an aura of honesty and vulnerability that is hard to match. Surprising, quirky and intensely beautiful from one beat to another, you can’t take your eyes off of her when she’s on screen. And most impressive is her vivid powerhouse of an imagination that makes each character effortlessly jump off the page and into your own imagination.”

~Josh Ubaldi

“Julie Wions is an incredibly gifted actor. Her intuition, emotional availability and generosity made directing her an effortless and moving experience. She has a special inner magic that can be seen in her paintings but also lights up the screen when acting. This makes her a compelling performer to watch.“

~Julie Praetzel- Director, Something to be Reckoned with Productions


“It was a pleasure working with Julie on our video for The Script “Breakeven.” It was a hectic production schedule and we needed to cover a lot of ground coordinating and shooting a lot of talent on a tight timeframe, so it was truly refreshing when Julie answered our call, showed up to set early and well prepared with a thoughtful selection of her own wardrobe as per our direction, and gave us a variety of sincere and believable performances. I look forward to the opportunity of working with her again soon!”

~Daniel Shapiro- Director, Aggressive


“I have never met an actress quite like Julie. The way she fully commits to every character is something to behold. She is box office gold.

~Derek Dow- Director


“It was a treat to work with Julie who was, first of all, punctual, prepared to work, and most of all fun to be around. It makes my job so much easier when the talent brings things to the table and really seems to enjoy what they do. The fact that Julie is so comfortable in front of the camera as well, is a plus. I’m really happy with the way the images turned out.”

~Timothy Greeson- Timothy Greeson Photography

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